The 7 Secrets to Your PFS Success - Rusty Crossland - 96 Minutes

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Aspen, CO - 2.5 + Million a Year

“Time is what separates me from you - I’ve just been doing this longer.”
As one of the original seven founders of A.L. Williams, Rusty Crossland has truly been though it all! Recorded in January of 2008 – Rusty shares his 35 years of Primerica Success with his Hierarchy and growing SVP’s, Ed & Ivonne Ortiz in Tampa, Florida. The 7 Secrets of Your PFS Success is Rusty’s outline and key principles that have made him and his organization one of the largest in Primerica today! All he had when he first saw this opportunity on October 22, 1972 was an “uncontrollable passion to be somebody”! Since then he has developed several RVPs all over the World with the 7 Secrets he gives in this talk!!
Rusty covers topics including:
  • How Rusty got started over 35 years ago
  • His 7 Secrets for PFS Success
  • See the People, See the People, See the People
  • Be Willing to take at least 5 “no’s”
  • Tell your story to anyone who will listen
  • Sell/tell the “3 C’s – Company, Concept & Career”
  • Never Over Sell – You don’t need to!
  • Get commitments – ask for them
  • Feel - Felt - Found
  • Get “Tie Down” Commitments
  • Master the art of getting referrals – Expect to get them!
  • Master the art of Recruiting
  • Develop a personal recruiting/Mgt. philosophy
  • Sell the Opportunity & the Dream
  • What Art Williams taught him about building people
  • Top 10 qualities of Great Recruits
  • Top 10 qualities of NOT so Great Recruits
Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
1. The Day I Met This Business
2. Art Williams Changed My Family Tree
3. Real Opportunity, Freedom & Security
Disc 2
1. 7 Secrets of Success
2. What Art Williams Taught Me About Recruiting & Building
3. Never Get Satisfied
Disc 3 (BONUS CD-Rom)
24 Slide Power Point Presentations - 7 Secrets of Success
About the Speaker:
Working as a full-time high school basketball coach while maintaining two part-time jobs with a wife, two children and one more on the way – money problems were just a way of life. From earning $8000 a year as a coach to making over 2.5 Million today – Rusty Crossland is proof that hard-work, passion, and determination does pay off! Today his family gives more money to charity than he made as a coach! His hard-working, people-oriented background where believing in what people could do when they put their hearts into it – is what made Coach Crossland a natural fit for Primerica.  Rusty gives his time, heart and efforts into building and developing people into leaders who build leaders.

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