Overcoming Objections - Keith Otto - 75 Minutes

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This straight forward talk highlights the 29 most common objections you’ll encounter as a rep and provides creative, effective solutions to overcoming them.

Objections Covered:
1. I need to think it over.
2. I have to do my own research.
3. I don’t have time.
4. Do I have to talk to my friends and family? Do I have to talk to people I know?
5. I don’t have the $99.99.
6. Where do you find your clients?
7. Do I have to go out and recruit people?
8. I can’t take off Saturday.
9. I’m too busy.
10. I need to talk to my wife/husband.
11. Do I have to come to every meeting?
12. Do I have to buy a product?
13. Yeah, but…the people I know…
14. Is this commission or salary?
15. How much money are you making?
16. I’m not interested.
17. I talked to somebody who used to be in Primerica and they didn’t make any money.
18. I did some research on the Internet.
19. I talked to a few people and they’re not interested.
20. This sounds like a pyramid.
21. Can you send me some information or email me some information?
22. Can you tell me more?
23. Do you have a web site?
24. I can’t sell.
25. What if people say no?
26. Is there a fee to join?
27. Can I take the IBA home?
28. Is this sales?
29. What do you do?
About the Speaker:
With nearly 20 years’ experience with Primerica Financial Services, Keith Otto has become a true expert in the organization and motivation of a successful business. His knowledge and achievements inspire new and seasoned reps alike.

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