How to Explode Your Income - Shane Rudman - 257 Minutes

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Kaboom! Explosive, invigorating and downright honest, Shane’s talk hits home in every aspect of financial growth. He teaches you how to get over yourself (“Don’t Let Your Ego Keep You Broke”), how to succeed in the face of impossibility (“Winners Find a Way) and how not to waste your time (“Setting the Right Appointments”) in this 4-CD series. Are you ready to explode your income? Shane’s ready to show you how.

Chapter Titles:
Disc 1
1. Don’t Let Your Ego Keep You Broke
2. Overcoming Obstacles
Disc 2
1. How to Get Commitments Using the FNA Questionnaire
2. Winners Find a Way
Disc 3
1. Winning with Your Team
2. Setting the Right Appointments
Disc 4
1. Prospecting in Person
2. The Opportunity Is Now
About the Speaker
Shorts, high-tops, long hair and an eager attitude — that’s all Shane Rudman brought to his first Primerica opportunity meeting at age 21. Nine years later, he surpassed the million- dollar mark and became one of Primerica’s greatest
success stories, despite growing his business as a zero- pointer in a cold market in Kansas. Today, his motto is “A tape a day keeps poverty away,” paying tribute to the huge role motivational and self-improvement recordings played in
his success. Now through his own audio recordings, Shane gives back that same motivation that so inspired him.

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