How to Build a Big Team - Gary Kornegay - 258 Minutes

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In this business, size does matter. Gary’s inspiring series shows you how he started with nothing beat the odds and built a big base shop. His effective out-of-the-box strategies teach you to open your mind to new opportunities to recruit more solid players into your base shop. One of his most popular speeches to date, Gary’s personal story of Primerica success is sure to resonate with you long after you hear it.

Disc 1
1. Gary Kornegay - Soar Like an Eagle
Disc 2
1. Gary Kornegay Pt 1
Disc 3
1. Gary Kornegay Pt 2
2. x Gary Kornegay –
Disc 4
1. 7 Gary Kornegay - The System
About the Speaker:
Gary Kornegay is living proof that determination and perseverance are two of the most important ingredients of success. Raised in the rough neighborhoods of South
Central Los Angeles, this high school dropout entered the financial industry with almost no knowledge of the business. His inspiring journey has resulted in six-figure earnings and the reputation of a powerful speaker, leader and mentor in the industry.

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